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biography & Discography

Conni St.Pierre

Conni St.Pierre is founder of smasheasy® and Tourmaline Media, and composer of the critically acclaimed Legends Trilogy, and the Nature Spirits series.

Whether she's playing melodic alto flute lines, or hauntingly ambient keyboard resonances — with the sparseness of Zen shakuhachi, or time travelling with medieval-influenced Celtic harp — St.Pierre creates a musical landscape and shares an inner vision that is fresh and inspired — calm, and graceful. St.Pierre's music offers a perfected blend of ambient, new age, and traditional music that has brought her fans around the world, and international critical acclaim.

Songs from her third album, "Beyond the sky: Legends of the Starry Night", reached as high as #2 on European and US dowload charts, and the album was named the #1 new age and acoustic instrumental album for 2003 by Wind & Wire. Her fourth album, "Flower Spirits," the first in the Nature Spirits series, charted in the top 40 on Zone Music. It mirrors her deep love of nature in the songs which evoke the inner essences of flowers through her wordless, musical poetry. "Mountain Spirits", the second album in the Nature Sprits series is more ambient and spacious than her previous recordings, inspired by the Never Summer Range of the Rocky Mountains. Critics have cited it as her best work.

Songs from her most recent album, "Forest Spirits", were used as the soundtrack for Wild Divine's biofeedback video game, Zen Journey, with Zen Master Nissim Amon.

Conni's music is widely used for yoga, meditation, t'ai chi, reiki, massage, and other healing arts, and she has composed music for guided yoga and relaxation releases.

As a member of improvisational ensemble, Forest Floor, her music was part of the soundtrack of an award-winning independent forest documentary film. In the summer of '06 she composed a soundtrack for a documentary about live poetry performance, "Poetry Live(s)" which aired nationwide on PBS starting in February, '07.









2016 - "Studio4632 Ambient Sampler 2016 Summer-Fall", Song name: "Lycopodium" from Forest Spirits.

2016 - "Saving Cecil's Pride" ambient and new age compilation of 41 artists, by RadHaus. Song name: "Village Common" from a recorded live performance on The Common, Bethel, Maine. Nominated in the first round for the Grammy in New Age - 2016.

2013 - "Zen Journey" biofeedback video game soundtrack by Wild Divine - 6 tracks including new music from "Forest Spirits"

2013 - "Forest Spirits" by Conni St.Pierre, cd, Smasheasy SE 2013, Composer, musician, cover art

2009 - "Mountain Spirits" by Conni St.Pierre, cd, Smasheasy SE 2009, Composer, musician, cover art

2006 - “Flower Spirits” by Conni St.Pierre, cd, Smasheasy SE20051 Composer, Musician, Cover Art CHARTED TO #40 ON TOP 100 NEW AGE RELEASES, OCTOBER 2006, NEW AGE REPORTER

2003 - “beyond the sky: Legends of the Starry Night”  by Conni St.Pierre, cd, - Smasheasy SE20021 - Composer, Musician, Cover Art - NAMED THE #1 NEW AGE INSTRUMENTAL RECORDING OF 2003 BY WIND AND WIRE, charted in US top 5 new age downloads

2000 - ”between the branches: Legends of the Wild” by Conni St.Pierre, cd - Smasheasy SE00700 -Composer, Musician, Cover Art

1998 - “beneath the waves: Legends of Lost Cities” by Conni St.Pierre, cd - Smasheasy SE10198 - Composer, Musician, Cover Art

1997 - “Manifest” by forest floor, cd - Smasheasy SE11097 (Live at the Maine Festival)
Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Cover Art painting and graphic design

1995 - “Scrawls from the Unconscious” by forest floor, cd - Tourmaline T39, Multi-instrumentalist, Cover Photo and Art

1995 - “Window of Opportunity” compilation cd - Tourmaline T195, Musican/singer/songwriter on Forest Floor and Sky Frontier tracks, executive producer, Cover Art collage, graphic design

1992 - “Guilty by Association” compilation, cd - Tourmaline T292, Singer, Bassist, Songwriter on Sky Frontier tracks, executive producer, Cover Art

1992 - “Frontierworld” by Sky Frontier, cd - Tourmaline T1092C, Singer, Bassist, Songwriter, graphic design

1991 - “Ruta 66” compilation, cd, LP - Capote (Spain) CAP-15, Singer, Bassist, Songwriter - Sky Frontier track

1990 - “Innocent Condemned” by Sky Frontier , cassette album - Tourmaline T190, Singer, Bassist, Songwriter, cover art, graphic design

1990 - “Out of the Woods” compilation, cd - Tourmaline T190. Singer, Songwriter on Sky Frontier tracks, executive producer, graphic design

1988 - “Sky Frontier”, cassette album - Tourmaline 0298 (includes guest guitar solo by Joe Perry of Aerosmith)
Singer, Songwriter

1988 - “Shhhh...” instrumental compilation - Camaraderie
Composer, instrumentalist - 1 track

1987 - “Orgone Box”, by The Twitch, cassette album - Tourmaline 0187, Bassist, Vocalist, Songwriter, graphic design

1985 - Rebecca Martin (Once Blue), unreleased album
Producer, Keyboardist, Songwriter

1981 - “Shangri-La-Au- Go-Go”/”I’m No Alien” by The Synthetics, ep - Vynal 203045B Vocalist, Musician, cover photo and graphic design

Along with an extensive resume of session work with a wide variety of artists, photography, and graphic design of album, cassette, cd, and digital releases.

Recent Performances and Productions:

Home Fires at the Celebration Barn
An Evening of Melody
Midsummer Festival
Bethel Art Fair
Maine Festival
Shy & Novice Artists Show
Mollyockett Days
Christmas at the Moses Mason House
Mahoosuc Arts Bandstand Concert Series

Film & Video:

2015 - "Autumn Leaves" with improvised 12-string acoustic guitar. Available on YouTube.

2013 - "Greener Groves" from Forest Spirits, with dancer Debi Irons and artist Nikki Millonzi. Available on YouTube.

2013 - Wendall Hall: Ice Road Trucker - video and audio editing, flash graphics

2012 - "Chronicle" WCVB Channel 5, Boston - harp performance as part of the Bethel, Maine episode

2008 - An Evening of Melody - Live concert performances by Maine songwriters.
Production, editing, soundtrack, flash graphics.

2008 - T’ai Chi Long Form with Betsey Foster, an instructional video.
Production, videography, editing, music, graphic design & packaging.

2006 - “Poetry Live(s)” an independent documentary by Mark Freeman Films.
Shown on PBS nationwide . Original soundtrack composition,performance, recording and editing.

2001 - “Tree Sit: The Art of Resistance” a film by HAVC, Earth Films.
Soundtrack features music by forest floor - Composer, multi-instrumentalist

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